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Alternative - Grunge, Alternative - Indie Rock, Latino - Alternativo & Rock Latino, Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Metal



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  • Tocar el Cielo Finished
    This is a song from my band Martino Park. We wrote it in rehearsal, and we'll love it if someone helps us achieve a great recording.
  • Algo que tocar Initial Recruitment
    This is another song from my band, Martino Park. It's meant to be very guitar-driven, and to be a melancholic message within a happy tune. Kind of like The Smiths use to do :)
  • Barely Nice Finished
    This is another song from my band Martino Park. In English this time. It's meant to be a punch in the face :)

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Tocar el Cielo
Drums - :
Gracias por tus drums!
Barely Nice
Drums - :
Buenos drums!

Musical Samples

File name Description
Mix_FiftyII.mp3 Fifty by Pentalithium
02 Firewater.m4a Firewater by Pentalithium (2009)