Musical Background


I took piano, guitar and voice lessons. I have a Protools basic certificate wich i got at EneAudio institute in Colombia. But most of my musical back ground is empirical.


I recorded a Tropical music Extended play on 2007 at Audiovision recording studios in Colombia. I recorded three of my songs. Then I got into another accoustic rock project and recorded many of my songs at a personal studio with the colaboration of Rodrigo Salazar who produced the project. I`ve been writing and composing my own songs for the last 10 years and have experience recording on studio, producing musical projects and coworking on the muscial engineering part.


Accoustic Rock, Pop Rock, R&B genre and Tropical music are my genres that i`ve been most involved into.


I have a protools basic certificate wich i got at Eneaudio Institute in Colombia
Other Information