If you're a Producer:

  • Arguably, finding musicians for your project is the hardest part of making music.
  • TryTracks' mission is to solve this problem by providing a musicians database from all around the world.
  • You can look at our musicians' database and select the best candidates to put together your team.
  • This is a reputation-based database, so it's easy to see who's who based on past performance.
  • Musicians can also upload demos showing off their abilities, so as a musical project creator you have the best tools at your disposal for a solid recruitment process.

If you're a Musician:

  • TryTracks is the best place to find work that better match your abilities.
  • As a musician specializing in one or various instruments, you're encouraged to provide a profile as complete as possible, including samples of your work, education, and any other relevant piece of information.
  • This will increase your chance to be recruited by other TryTrackers.
  • You can also browse the current open positions and apply for them, providing a short description of why you consider yourself a good fit for that opening, and providing a sound sample of your work showcasing the abilities relevant for that position.

How TryTracks Works - Gig Phases


Following the creation of a project (a.k.a "Gig"), the recruitment phase begins. This is where the project owner publishes the open positions for the gig. He can then actively search for candidates by browsing our database and looking at the Trytrackers profiles, and invite them to the Gig. The positions are posted publicly on the site, so any Trytracker can also apply for the posiitions.
Note that each position corresponds to a role:

  • role.producer: If you choose to have a producer/engineer in your gig, then this person will be the one in charge of accepting/rejecting the tracks submitted by the musicians. He or she will also be in charge of uploading bounces, that the gig's Owner must accept or reject for them to become the gig's current demo. If you decide not to have a producer/engineer then you as the gig's owner must accept/reject the musicians' tracks.
  • Musician: You can have multiple musicians in your project. Each musicians' job is to upload tracks of their work following the gig's owner and producer/engineer's advice.


  • Once the gig owner has reviewed the applications, and he or she is confident on the conformation of his team, then he or she can proceed into the Jamming phase.
  • During this phase the gig's producer (and/or the gig owner) provide the guidelines for the musicians to follow.
  • He or she can communicate in private with each team member.
  • As explained above, the musicians then upload their tracks for the producer to mix up and produce a bounce, which needs then to be approved by the gig owner to produce the gig's demo.
  • Note that we support many sound file formats, both lossy and lossless (mp3, m4a, aiff, wav)
  • This workflow is iterated many times until a final song is produced. The gig owner has also the option to publish the song in the site, or to keep it private.


  • Owners can create their first gig as a free one, in which musicians agree to participate for free. Otherwise, the owner has to pay each musician for each track accepted.
  • One track per musician is prepaid at the start of the gig, and then each month each musician has to be paid for the work done during that month.
  • For more information on payments visit the pricing page.

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