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January 3rd, 2013

Dear Trytrackers.

Since I have memory, music has always been in my life; my parents got me into piano lessons when I was 4 years old. That amazing instrument molded my ear and gave me solid musical skills and knowledge. As every one who´s been taught piano being a little kid, classical music is the first genre one gets to learn ,and thank God and musical academy is that way because somehow the music i make today has the essence of it. As I got into school I got myself into every possible musical project my teachers announced, and no matter what the nature of it was I enjoyed it very much and got the most out of it. I learned the basis of classical musical, the Colombian folklore, rock music, ballads, pop music and so much more that my “musical hard drive” started to fill with huge tons of information. I started to dream about becoming famous as a rock star and emulating some of my favorite bands and solo musicians that i liked.

I recorded my first musical material when I was finishing 10 th grade at my school's radio station; it had a basic control and a recording room but I felt like I was in the best recording studio ever. I played the guitar and made some voices, and a friend of mine recorded the voice; another friend played the role of sound engineer putting a little bit of reverb and delay (not sure how he did it) to the three song Extended Play (did not know that was called that way) we were to record that day. The output was amazing and I have always been proud of what I achieved that day. I still have the tape which by the way have to make a cd copy and pass it to my friend who sang the song with me that day. After that great experience I knew that singing, recording, producing, playing guitar, piano and enjoying music in all its forms flavors and genres was going to be part of my life. I did not know how I was gonna do it and I think I did not put too much effort on pursuing my dreams by that time.

Well, I got into University to study Industrial Engineering (not music I wonder why) and met new people who also liked music and started to work on new projects trying out some other musical genres. I started to compose my own songs when I was about to finish University and then I began seeking for musicians to play my songs and record them. I had the worst experiences on that process, people did not take me seriously, the people I worked with did not have the needed skills nor the facilities to record songs, I lost money, time, motivation and wanted to quit music and my dreams of recording my songs. Then I got in contact with the best recording studio of my city in those days, and finally was able to record my songs with all the quality standards I have always dreamed of. My budget was just enough to record three of my songs because the studio services were so expensive; the musicians, though very profesional, charged me a lot for every track they recorded just as my sound engineer and musical producer did, and I did not get the chance to put my very own signature when producing my songs, if you know what i mean. I wished I had had the tools and the way to produce all my songs with the same quality standards but with much more less budget that i spent on that project. After I had my recorded cd, I had no money left nor contacts in the music industry, no band and no manager to promote my work. So I realized that I had to take a new path in order to start working with the material I had. As you may guess I could not succeed on my goal of showing my work to the world and gain some recognition (the dream of becoming famous). However I kept on composing new songs, rearranging my musical skills and meeting new people who got interested in my work and accepted to be part of it. That was when I realized that i had to do something to transform the musical industry and the painful and exhausting way musicians were trying to succeed in their lives to show their products to the world. For some reason I got involved with the social media world and came up with this Idea of taking advantage of the social networks and the huge amount of talented people that have musical skills all around the world and, like me, have always been trying to find a different way of showing the world their work and their musical background to become recognized musicians, songwriters, music producers, sound engineers and why not being the next rockstar they have always dreamed about.

I know this may sound a little bit ambitious but being able to shape a team of talented musicians from all around the world, with very different perspectives and musical experiences, musical producers with very new ideas and background also, from all around the world too, and being able to produce and record your songs remotely saving time and money, all this available to the world so that everyone can see it and appreciate it, is a great opportunity to take advantage of. That is why exists today. I´m sure you may have gone through the same experiences I did and that at this moment you are dreaming of having your virtual or real cd in your hands to start showing it to the world and become the next famous musical artist, or becoming a very recognized musical producer winning many prizes and working with the best musicians, or finding and promoting very talented people to work with.

As you can see there is a wide range of possibilities for taking advantage of this new way of doing and reshaping things in the world of music. I invite you to sign in to, see how it works and start living this new experience. See you on stage trytracker!!!.

Trytracks team.

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